Youth Movement Media


18by Vote is an organization that is genuinely led by young people and has the primary mission of supporting and uplifting youth voices, youth organizing, and youth civic engagement. With this focus, we have a unique opportunity to create community spaces that are designed around the empowerment and liberation of youth. Our new youth-led media project, Youth Movement Media, was created to do exactly that!

18by Vote’s Youth Movement Media is a combination of video and written content to inform youth, highlight youth leaders, and uplift youth voices. Our youth-led media project has two main parts: the Youth Amplify Series, and the Youth Issues Blog.

The Youth Amplify Series is a feature series that seeks to amplify the work of youth activists, organizers, and leaders who impact their communities. This series puts a much-needed spotlight on youth leaders from across the country. With an option for both a written feature and a video interview option, this series offers different mediums of opportunity for youth leaders to speak about their work and experiences. If you would like to be featured or wish to nominate someone to be featured, please fill out this application.

  • Written features will be posted to our Medium blog page, IG, and LinkedIn.
  • Video features will be posted on IG TV, Tik Tok and the 18by Vote Website.

The Youth Issues Blog is a collection of articles written by and for young people. From sharing news and current events related to youth civic engagement to showcasing the work of youth organizers, activists and leaders, the blog will cover a wide range of issues young people care about. To write an article for the Youth Issues Blog, or submit a suggested topic, please fill out this application.

  • Articles will be posted to our Medium blog page and 18by Vote website.

We have been searching for new ways to support youth and call attention to the amazing work done by young people in your communities! Youth Movement Media is a community project that you can utilize to showcase your skills, narrate your experiences, and touch on issues that are important to you! We are excited to launch this new project and for YOU to join us in the process!

Join the youth movement!